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West Bend Brazilian Jiujitsu


Brazilian Jiujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and grappling classes now offered in West Bend, WI.  Under the direction of Mr. Paul Peterson and Justin Morris of Third Heaven Martial Arts .  Brazilian Jiujitsu teaches students how to use leverage to overcome opponents of all sizes.  made popular by the UFC Jiujitsu is a fun and practical martial art for any age.

Brazilian Jiujitsu technique of the month.

WI, Brazilian Jiujitsu

BJJ at Veritas MMA offers an excellent balance of self defense, martial art and sport Jiujitsu.  We train for both gi and no gi.  Our training atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming to newcomers of Jiujitsu.  No previous experience is needed to excel in our BJJ program. Classes are taught by 2nd Degree Black Belt Justin Morris and Veritas founder Paul Peterson.  Instructor Justin Morris was one of the first people in the state of Wisconsin to receive a black belt in BJJ and was possibly the very first to offer a Brazilian Jiujitsu curriculum.