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Justin Morris

Mr. Justin Morris holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  Ranked under Marcello Monteiro, Mr. Morris has direct lineage to the famous Gracie Family of Brazil.  Morris has been teaching the Martial Arts full time since 1997 and holds black belts in multiple styles of Martial Arts.

Also the owner of Third Heaven Martial Arts in Beaver Dam, WI.  Mr. Morris runs a  very successful kids program and enjoys working with new students and students of all levels and abilities.

Mr. Paul Peterson

Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Wrestling

Coach Paul Peterson began his Martial Arts journey in the early 90’s when Mixed Martial Arts was still a new and evolving sport.  Mr. Peterson has experience in MMA, Wrestling, Jiujitsu and Fitness.  Peterson is the founder of Veritas Martial Arts and continues his Brazilian Jiujitsu training with 2nd Degree Black Belt Justin Morris of Third Heaven Martial Arts.